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The end of Give Me Liberty!


Studying our freedom has come to an end. After winter break we will start studying the amazing human body and how it works.  We will also study different animals by dissecting a sheep’s lung and heart. It will start in January and go through to February. Mrs. McGuckin said it is one of her favorites, and we think it will be one of yours too!

Next week we will do secret santa, the auction, polar express day, then we are free until next year!

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Colonial life….. it sucks!


Hey there!! On Friday the wonderful Mrs.Veronica (not Victoria) came to give us a taste of the colonial lifestyle. It was HARD!! You got a bath once a month, shared a toothbrush with everyone in your family, and even had to spin the yarn to make your own clothes. It was fun for an hour, but imagine a week! or even a year!

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Upcoming: PBL project


Hey guys! It’s been a awesome week, we changed up our schedule, now we go to guided reading groups in the morning, we also got Tuesday off, and as you all know, Trump is our new president! We have an in school field trip this Friday, and we are almost done with our ‘A Little Perspective ‘ project.  Now let’s  cut to the chase. Would you rather have no liberty what-so-ever or have death? Well, that’s our new project. In Give me Liberty Or Give Me Death, we will learn about the Revolutionary War. We don’t want to spoil it to much, but it’s going to be an AWESOME project!

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Welcome to the McGuckin Crew Blog!!


Hey guys!!! Welcome to the McGuckin Crew Blog, this is Sami and Morgan reporting, and we’re your class bloggers! Here on the blog, we will be updating you on what we have done this and what we will be doing in weeks to come. We will keep you updated if you have missed weeks or assignments. We will do one or two posts every week,  and we can’t wait to share all of the fun things we do in future weeks!

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Denver Museum of Nature & Science Forensic Lab


On Wednesday we had the Museum of Nature & Science set up a Forensic Lab for us to solve a crime. We had such a blast! We got to test blood, measure bones, look at and match up fingerprints, compare signatures to see if they were fake, and test powder. Each “CSI Detective Group” got a folder of suspect sheets, a victim sheet, a sheet for notes, and a letter form the victim. All of our groups had great verdicts but no group was spot on with the verdict. The verdict was, there was not enough evidence to “throw anyone in jail.”

Here are some photos:

IMG_7004 (1) IMG_7006 IMG_7010 (1) IMG_7012 IMG_7013 (1) IMG_7016 (1) IMG_7018 IMG_7020 (1) IMG_7022


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Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Candlestick


Yesterday we started our new project Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Candlestick. Our Pizza Party/Murder Mystery Lunch was so much fun! We had lots of fun trying to figure out who the suspect was, it was pretty hard. Today we solved the case of the hotel break in, this one was not as hard as yesterday’s crime, but it was still fun getting to solve it. This project seems like it will be very fun as we move along in it! We will get to solve a crime about every other day. We also have a forensic lab coming on Wednesday from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science that we get to go in and it will help us solve a crime. At the end of our project, we will get to make a movie trailer highlighting our solution to a crime using scientific evidence we have gathered to prove our thinking. I will do another post on what everyone in the class thinks of the project as we move farther along in it.

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Last P.B.L. Project of the Year: Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Candlestick


Tomorrow we will be starting our last P.B.L. Project of the Year, Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Candlestick. In Professor Plum we will be starting with a murder mystery lunch. During lunch we will eat pizza and find out clues to who the suspect is. We will have to use our inferencing skills that we learned about today. Our Project Idea is “Students will become Crime Scene investigators by delving in to solving a fictitious murder mystery.  They will have to gain background knowledge on mixtures and solutions and how this connects to forensic science.  Students will create a movie trailer to promote their solving of the mystery, movie posters with a QR code linked to their trailer for others in the school to watch.  Their trailer will have to include how they used science to help them solve the case!” Our Driving Question is “How do we, as Crime Scene Investigators, use science to solve crimes?” The Final Product will be a movie trailer highlighting our solution to the murder mystery using scientific evidence to prove our thinking. I will post more as we start and move throughout the project.

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Class Picture with Patients from Dr. Dr.


Here is a picture we found from when we went to go visit our patients during Dr. Dr. Give Me the News.


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We’ve started our new P.B.L. Project, iDesign. In iDesign, we will be learning about different energy sources and taking that information to help make improvements and upgrades on our school’s Chicken Coop. We have three main tasks that we got to choose from and have to complete. The first one is finding a power source for the chicken coop so the chickens have light, cool air, and heat. The second one is finding a way to stop the water from freezing because right now we fill up the water and then 10-20 minutes later it’s frozen and the chickens have nothing to drink. The last one is fundraising for the chicken coop because at the moment we don’t have much money for the coop unless we have a little money form chicken egg sales. Also, they have recently moved the chicken coop farther away from the school and added better fencing and gate to the exterior part of the chicken coop. They will also be expanding the interior soon of the chicken coop a little more because the chickens don’t have much space to move around due to all the chicken and the items inside the coop. If anyone has any ideas or would like to donate any money, please comment below.

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Our Opinions on Dr. Dr. Give Me the News


In the blog I’m going to ask each student in our class what they thought of Dr. Dr. Give Me the News.

Cooper- It’s a good project.

Chuck- It was good.

Logan- It was awesome.

Aidan- It was fun.

Caitlin- I think it is so much fun getting to have a patient and getting to dissect.

Easton- It was good.

Tatum- I love it so so much it is the best project ever.

Ayva- LOVE IT!!! It was fun.

Ethan- I liked it a lot.

Abby- I think it was great.

Kylie- It is such I fun project and I can’t wait to hear what the 5th Graders next year think of it.

Olivia- I loved it and I had so much fun!

Cameron- I really liked it, but I wish we could have done more diccecting.

Katelyn- I think Dr. Dr. Give Me The News was AWSESOME!!!

Me (Landon)- I think Dr. Dr. Give Me the News is a great project. I’ve learned a lot about the human body. I think it was fun to be a doctor and get to diagnosis and sick patient and give them a treatment plan. I also liked getting to create a presentation and present it in front of a panel of medical professionals.

Isabel- It was amazing!!

Rhys- I loved the presentation part!

Matthew- It was good.

Savannah- I loved Dr. Dr. a lot!

Cayden- I liked the presenting!

Myles- I liked it.

Joshua- I like the part where we go meet the patents in real life.

Brianna- I think that it was awesome and I can’t wait till Professor Plum!

Tru- It was very fun learning all about the human body and diagnosing patients.

Jailee- It was fun I liked Dr. Dr. Give Me the News.

Caleb- It was cool and fun!





Here’s an update on what’s been going on lately. Our school is participating in a event called Make a Wish. We’re doing this event for a boy named Jacob that is about our age and he lives here in Castle Rock. He has Brain Cancer and wants to go to Hawaii to see where Jurassic World was filmed. In the lobby of our school we have two buckets, you put your money in the bucket of the team you think will win Super Bowl 50. We have a hundred dollar in each bin!!! All the money we raise will go to Jacob to help fund his trip to Hawaii.

We are also moving along in our Dr. Dr. Give Me the News project. We will be video chatting with our patients for a second time this week or next week to receive anymore info we need about our patients to diagnose and give the the correct treatment. We have done notes on all the major body systems to us diagnose them as well. I will post more updates on the project as we move along. Have a good day!

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Upcoming P.B.L. Projects: Dr. Dr. Give Me the News


On January 4th we will be starting our new project called Dr. Dr. Give Me the News. In this project we will be earning our “Medical Degree at The University of Sage Canyon.” To earn our Medical Degree we will have to participate in an orientation, research human systems in order to diagnose and treat a patient, and finally, present our findings to a panel of teachers. adults, and medical professionals. Our challenging question will be, “How do we as medical professionals diagnose a sick patient and recommend the best treatment?”

Also, we will be dissecting a lamb’s heart and lungs. We are very excited for this project to start! In the meantime we will enjoy our break. Happy Holidays to all!!!

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Young AmeriTowne Field Trip


Today we went to Young AmeriTowne and was AMAZING!!! Everything was so realistic and everything looked and worked like everything does in the real world! I wish it was it was longer though, like a week, or something like that. It was so fun getting to do transactions with our debit cards and I loved that everything was real and not fake. I also loved all the toys and other products that were for sale. I wish we could go there over and over during the school year. I’m so glad we got the opportunity to go to Young AmeriTowne. It was the BEST field trip I ever had!

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Denver Aquarium Visit


The Denver Aquarium came for a visit on Tuesday and showed us four stunning animals. The animals were so prodigious in what could be accomplished, it was so amusing to watch! Here are some pictures I took, I also took some videos, they are on Google Classroom at the moment. I’m sorry that the pictures are so blurry, the animals we moving around constantly, so it was hard to get a clear picture. I will also hopefully be inserting the link to them onto the blog, if it wants to cooperate with me. Unfortunately though, we can not post the videos on the blog. 🙁


































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Ameritowne Project


After Thanksgiving Break we will be starting our Ameritowne Project. We will do this project up till Winter Break, which is two weeks. We will be learning how to write a check, use a credit and debit card, what the difference is between a credit and debit card, and more things related to banking. We are all very eager to start this project. We are also very thrilled to be going to Ameritowne! We will be going to Ameritowne on Dec 14. Afterwards we will start Doctor, Doctor, Give Me the News. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Class Picture


Here is a class picture that I just discovered from the day of Boosterthon!

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

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Give me Liberty or Give me Death Plays


Our Give me Liberty or Give me Death Plays are coming up and we are all very excited. We have worked very hard on them and think they are great! The plays are on Friday the 20th of November. We will perform in front of the school during the day as like a dress rehearsal, then in the evening in front friends and family. We can’t wait for the plays, we hope you can come see our magnificent work!

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Star Student Interviews


We will be posting the Star Student Interviews on Google Classroom instead of YouTube because it was very annoying and inconvenient. I will be sending out the link if it works so that you can view the videos, every student also is on Mrs. McGuckin’s Google Classroom page so you can view it from there as well. We do have some new videos up and have more coming. We do need to delete some “mess up” videos though.

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Cardboard Carnival


We had a blast at our cardboard carnival! There was a lot of neat and creative games. We had lots of kids come. It was very fun, I would do it again if I could. I look forward to going next year and playing some games.

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